Gel Ear Seal (2 Pairs)

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Richard Murray
Tight fit

They were a little hard to install, but once I installed them. They were very comfortable

Perfect replacement for old DC ear seals

I ordered 2 old pairs of DC H10-30s from ebay for about $90 each on ebay, and no surprise, the old foam ear seals were totally shot- the foam was entirely degraded so it felt like the rubber seals were empty inside. The whole point of getting secondhand DCs was to have cheap, but decent quality headsets for backseat passengers in the Cessna, so I didn't want to drop the money on actual David Clark seals. These fit perfectly, feel comfortable, and do a great job at blocking sound.

Joe Maceyko
The silicone gel make wearing a headset more comfortable.

Easy to install & make wearing a headset for long periods of time

these are a godsend for cheap computer/amateur radio headsets

Pulled the stock hard ear compressing seals off my $10 electret headset and slipped these on in no time flat: completely transforms the headset as far as comfort. Used to get a headache after 45 min, now comfortable for 8 hours straight in a radiosport contest. This headset is now more comfortable than a Heil Pro 7. Three thumbs up

Yvette Lee
Great fit!

Fit great and they do not hurt your ears! 10 out of 10 for me!