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Makes headphones comfortable all day

Over the past several years I’ve been a repeat buyer of these headphone covers. My head runs hotter than the rest of my body and having headphones on for very long gets sweaty and uncomfortable. That never happens when wearing headphones with these high quality, well made, cloth covers. I’ve bought about 6 sets over the course of about the same number of years, still using them all. The oldest set is beginning to fray on the stitching a little. They can be cleaned in the laundry easily, toss them in with most any batch. The only caveat I would mention about using them is that if your headphones are deep, then having a cover can start hurting the ears. Have to keep pushing the fabric down into the ear cup so it doesn’t stress the cartilage causing pain eventually. Paired with the right set of headphones that will literally never happen. I have mine on 12 to 16 hours per day.

David O.
Fits nicely over Sennheiser HD4.40BT ear pads

I purchased these because my old ear pads were literally falling apart and getting those little black bits all over my desk and ears. After awhile you get lazy and stop wiping down your headphones ear pads after each use. So I figured that these socks will prolong the ear pads as long as I remember to throw them in the wash after awhile of use? Fits seems nice not too snug but a little baggy for the HD4.40BT which is fine because I'm sure they were designed for other sizes. Feels soft as far as the fabric can't say for sure if it's 100 percent cotton, feels like a blended fabric but still very soft. Oh one last thing, the ones I got did not look like the nasty product images that look like they have a lot of lint on them! I always of by verified customer images to get a true image of what you're getting. Perhaps they never heard of a lint roller?

Char Aznable
Great protection pun intended

Got the new pulse headset as a gift for Christmas last year and I got this knowing Sonys ear cushion the black latex material tends to peal from extend use IE sweat and friction from removing or putting it on and it’s washable so great buy

Zreio Corporation
They’re good


Boca Two
Does the job!

Decent fabric and fairly easy to put over old worn ear pads. Soft and a little baggy but does it job.