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#1 Best Selling Aviation Headset

"Very well made. Headband is well-padded and very comfortable. Excellent noise reduction. Ear seals are large, seal completely, and very comfortable. Description doesn't say so but the mic and phone plugs are gold-plated like other more expensive brands, and the carry case is a nice plus -- many brands charge extra. Overall an unbeatable value." - George D.

"The headset fits and works great! The audio quality is very good! Keeps out the prop noise and I can hear comms with no problem at all. The best part is that I don't think about the headset at all during the flight. It just works so I can concentrate on the flying!" - Kristen P.

"As an experienced pilot for over 21 years, these headsets are a tremendous value... they are very comfortable to wear and I highly recommend them." - Michael M.

"Great headset! Comfortable, gold plated connectors, dual volume controls, and all for a price well less than the competition. I am a student pilot and this is the best purchase I have made so far. Will most likely be buying another set or two in the future!!" - C. Crawmer

"Unbelievable quality. Don't even hesitate to pick this bad boy up. I've used 3 other headsets, and those were at least twice the cost of this one. This blows the socks off of anything in its price range. Hell of a headset. The mic exceptional, no problems, doesn't cut out. Sounds loud, crisp, and clear." - David P.

"I've used these for 8 hour long flights now and love them. Partnered with the covers over the ear cups they are very comfortable and easy to forget your wearing them. The mic and boom stay where you put it and reaches to the center of my mouth (I've had problems with others only reaching the corner of my mouth and not picking up as well). They get plenty loud and are clear. Including the carry case is a great idea." - Edd R.

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